Russians will be able to use a digital ruble to pay taxes in 2022


Within the framework of the Digital Ruble Testing Program, from next year the Federal Treasury may begin to collect taxes from citizens of the Russian Federation with its help.

About this opportunity, the head of the department Roman Artyukhin said in an interview with Izvestia. According to him, at the first stage, tax collection in this form will practically not affect the business due to a wide list of types of payments applied in relation to companies. For citizens, the situation is easier, in fact they will list the digital rubles from their wallets.

The collection of taxes in a new form of money can begin during the launch of pilot testing of the Central Bank in 2022.

Roman Artyukhin believes that the digital ruble is able to significantly simplify the tracking of the movement of funds in the economy in various payment transactions, including the state and banking sectors. According to him, if a new form of money is adapted to new conditions and is useful, in the future will be able to displace cash.

In April, representatives of the Bank of Russia also reported that in the success of the pilot project, the digital ruble

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