Russian scientists have found a way to triple the capacity of lithium-ion batteries


Researchers synthesized a new anode material for a lithium-ion battery, which triples its container and extends the service life.

Currently, lithium-ion batteries are the most common energy accuracy. Despite the years of the development of this technology, the capacity of such batteries is still limited to ineffective graphite — the key material of the anode.

Recently, scientists from the National Research Technology University of MISIS have developed a new material consisting of nanostructured Cu0.4 Zn0,6 FE2 O4 microspheres. The anode made from it increases the capacity of the lithium-ion battery three times and extends its effective use of it 5 times compared with other alternatives.

For its synthesis, the team used a single-stage method of spray pyrolysis, in which the initial solution was turned into a fog, followed by evaporation of water at 1200 ° C and decomposition of the starting salts of metals. As a result, porous micron or submicron spheres are formed.

Previously, we also reported a magnesium paste on the invention, which can accumulate

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