Russian scientists have created a unique aluminum wire withstanding 4000 ° C


Researchers have developed heat-resistant aluminum production technology, which allows you to create elongated heat-resistant structures for aviation and high-speed rail transport.

Previously, the like alloys tried to obtain with the help of complex and expensive methods, such as superpust melt crystallization and powder metallurgy. Now a group of scientists from the National Research Technology University «MISIS», the Siberian Federal University and the Krasnoyarsk Scientific and Production Center of Magnetic Hydrodynamics have developed a unique method of aluminum alloy casting in an electromagnetic wirestallizer in a wire.

The alloy obtained is solved with the temperature to 4000 ° C, which is at times exceeding similar indicators of other aluminum alloys. The secret of its high heat resistance lies in casting and annealing modes, during which the structure of heat-resistant nanoparticles from copper, manganese and zirconium is formed.

Currently, the team studies the physico-mechanical properties of the wire and plans to patent its production technology. According to them, such a conductive material can replace heavy and expensive copper wires in airplanes and high-speed trains.

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