Russian physicists opened a new quasiparticle in the chains of Cubets


The researchers found that a new type of quasiparticles can occur in the chains of cubes — the dangle topological excitations. Opening can be used in developing new materials for quantum computers.

The technology of quantum computers is based on the simultaneous interaction of a set of qubits. However, they are very sensitive to the environment and are subject to decoherence that reduces the duration of their service. The complexity of maintaining the necessary state increases as the scale increases, which slows down their study.

Therefore, scientists from the National Research Technological University «MISIS» used the model of artificial matter from the cubes, subject to the same equations as the real one. The simulation showed that in arrays from the associated superconducting bosomic pairs, called the ones, due to alternation of strong and weak bonds, two zones and a boundary state are formed.

Thus, the Russian scientists were for the first time to demonstrate that a new type of quasiparticles can appear in the chains of cubes — dual topological excitations. This feature can contribute to the creation of clutter-resistant quantum metamaterials.

Recall that recently physicists also proved that subatomic particles can

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