Rolls-Royce will release a luxury electric car Silent Shadow


Rolls-Royce is developing a luxury electric vehicle called Silent Shadow.

So far, the automaker does not disclose any technical characteristics or exit time. From the company’s announcement you know just a new model will appear on the market in the next ten years.

According to the director general Rolls-Royce Torsten Muller, the concept of an electric vehicle is ideal for luxurious cars, because it provides almost silent operation of the engine, a good torque and lack of exhaust gases. What the company has always sought.

Based on the appearance of the previous Rolls-Royce luxury sedans, Silent Shadow will also have a huge size with a stroke of more than 600 km on one battery charge.

In addition to technical advantages, the company is forced to leave the internal combustion engines, since since 2040 the UK plans to ban the movement of diesel cars on its territory. Earlier this year, the tightening of environmental standards has already prompted

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