Revival of the Russian Wind Energy


Currently, alternative renewable energy has a low energy intensity. This is due

However, in the near future (up to 2035), when hydrogen and kinetic batteries improve the efficiency of energy buffering, wind energy is perhaps the only widespread form of renewable “green” energy, which will do more good than harm.

It is easy to see that Russia has a huge potential for the deployment of wind turbines (

However, until recently, the movement in this direction, in fact, did not materialize.

All projects of wind power plants in Russia, carried out until 2018, can be attributed to children’s games in the sandbox. There was no technological or energy sense in them.

What is the point of developing wind energy and purchasing used wind turbines, if after 8 years of operation, out of 21 installations, only 14 will remain? (Zelenogradskaya wind farm).

In 2018, a state program for the implementation of renewable energy was launched. And already in 2019, significant changes were made to the state program «Energy Efficiency and Energy Development» regarding renewable energy.

This determined the entire further strategy for the development of renewable energy in Russia until 2024.

State corporations Rosatom and Rusnano have joined in the development of wind energy. The main goal of the development of wind energy, set before them, is to create by 2035 completely independent from state support and an effective structure of wind farms throughout the country, as well as the construction of wind farms abroad.

In 2017, Rosatom creates a subsidiary company NovaWind JSC, which, in turn, organizes with the Dutch company Lagerwey Systems B.V. equal joint venture «Red Wind B.V»

The purpose of the joint venture is the transfer of technology from Germany (shall we say it bluntly, okay?) To Russia

That is, the localization of the production of wind turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW and 4 MW in Russia, which is already being successfully carried out. The joint venture supplies wind turbines on a turnkey basis.

The pilot project of Rosatom was the construction of the Adyghe wind farm.

60 wind turbines, capacity — 2.5 MW, total installed capacity of the wind farm — 150 MW, which exceeds the capacity of all previously existing wind turbines in Russia taken together. The localization rate in the pilot project was 65%.

Localization of production is an important requirement dictated by state support for renewable energy (

LLC Vestas Rus (Russian division of Vestas Wind Systems A / S) has localized the production of blades at a joint venture between Vestas Manufacturing AS and Rusnano — LLC Vestas Manufacturing RUS in the city of Ulyanovsk.

Localization and quality of production turned out to be so high that Vestas Manufacturing RUS started exporting blades in 2020.

Today Russia has opened its renewable energy market and is localizing the production of wind turbines, building wind farms.

Why do we need this at all, because even ourselves

There are reasons for this.

The most important reason

The second reason

Third reason

Fourth reason

The development of renewable energy sources is now definitely a part of the energy strategy of Russia. We will talk about her plans and prospects in the next article.

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