Restoration of the crypton can delay for several months due to the pressure of the US regulators


In the second decade, the cryptocurrency market fell victim to overestimated expectations regarding the integration of digital assets into the financial system and the economy. Charges B.

The relevant group in the Congress will be formed within three months, the year can go to the development of the necessary legislation. In the last steps, if you wish, it is possible to see and the intention to ban Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole, although such possibilities have already remained in the past, and too many funds are aimed at this market with major players with Wall Street.

A similar news background will restrain the recovery cryptocurrency after BTC has lost more than a third of the cost from a historical maximum, and half of the time has been delayed. The key resistance of $ 42,000 did not succeed, which confirms the consolidation scenario within $ 30,000 — $ 42,000. This can occur only after the formation of a new pulse down and return to recent minima, which is waiting for traders in the remaining days of May.

In traditional financial markets, it is unlikely to expect serious shocks to a meeting of the Fed on June 16. Many institutional, who previously could reoriented to Gold from Bitcoin, may not yet find grounds for restoring positions. Many speculators in the near future will most likely be focused on work from sales.

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