Residents of El Salvador went to the streets with protests against the legalization of Bitcoine


This week, protests were held in Salvador against the law making Bitcoin by the legal means of payment.

Representatives of the group who call themselves a block of folk resistance and uprising, went out to the streets with the requirements to cancel the legalization of the first cryptocurrency. In written appeal to the government, the protesters accused the president of the Maxian buoy that he

However, the main complaint of the protesters is that cryptocurrency will help only officials and large businesses, and to ordinary citizens will bring more harm than good. In the petition, the folk resistance unit and the uprising stated that the use of Bitcoin will contribute to corruption, money laundering, tax evasion and sale of drugs.

By adding that the government will spend millions of dollars from the state treasury to organize a new system.

Since the adopted legalization law enters into force on September 7, the protesters are asking officials to cancel it before it starts to damage the population.

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