Physics created light rays that can penetrate through opaque objects


Scientists have demonstrated the existence of special light waves that can pass through opaque materials, practically without changing.

Normal light can not penetrate objects with an unordered structure due to dispersion and rejection of the rays. However, various types of waves interact with a specific environment in its own way. Physics from the Vienna Technical University and the University of Utrecht decided to use this feature to create unique waves.

The team has developed a mathematical model describing the complex effects of dispersion when interacting with a specific material. It allows you to generate a light fashion that can pass through a specific opaque object with almost no change, as if it does not exist at all. Technology allows you to send through various obstacles to the image without interference.

During the experiment, scientists used a zinc oxide leaf with a complex structure through which the light pattern was sent to the detector depicting the constellation of a large bear. The result was weakly different from the control gear without obstacle.

According to the researchers, the method also opens up new possibilities for controlling the distribution of light inside opaque objects, which can be used in biological experiments.

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