Physics cast doubt on the existence of dark energy


A new study showed that the expansion of the Universe may be due to the magnetic repulsion of dark matter without the participation of mysterious dark energy.

Since scientists learned about the accelerated expansion of space, they assumed that this is due to the presence of a certain unknown repulsive force in the space. Calculations have shown that to perform the conditions of the cosmological constant on its share should have approximately 70% of the entire universe. However, its presence and properties remained a mystery.

Now physicists from Copenhagen University offered a new model, which explains the expansion of space without dark energy. Since scientists discovered indirect signs of the existence of dark matter, but still a little know about it, the team suggested that its particles can have a magnetic force (or similar), which repels them from each other.

Computer simulation has shown that under such conditions, the presence of dark energy is not required for the cosmological constant, since the mutual repulsion of dark matter will have the same effect on the expansion rate of the universe.

However, the team is not in a hurry to refute the existing hypothesis and will check everything on more complex models with a number of additional parameters.

New studies increasingly refute basic physical theories. For example, recently

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