Physicists opened a new elementary particle — double charming tetrakvark


In the course of experiments, the tank in CERN scientists opened another fundamental particle of matter called double charming tetrakvark.

According to the European Physical Society, Tetrakvark (TCC +) is the first exotic administrator consisting of two heavy charming quarks and two light antiques of the same type. Open particle has several unique characteristics at once.

First of all, it exists longer than any other exotic matter discovered today. This is due to the fact that TCC + usually disintegrates two mesons consisting of one heavy quark and one light antiquark, the sum of the masses are very close to the indicator of the tetrakskar itself. This feature of the adronon «makes it difficult to» its separation.

Another feature of a new exotic particle is that it does not have balancing antiques, therefore it is not zero, but a double quantum number.

Physicists hope that further research will help them in verifying the current fundamental theoretical models, which in March were questioned

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