Not graphene: Opened a new type of two-dimensional carbon material with metal properties


Researchers discovered a new type of carbon material with a thickness of 1 atom, which has metal properties.

In addition to the usual graphite and diamond, carbon can exist in other forms. For example, a semiconductor graphene is a two-dimensional layer of atoms, each of which is associated with three adjacent, forming a network of hexagons in the form of cells. Previously, scientists predicted the existence of other structure systems, but so far they have not been confirmed.

Now a group of researchers from Marburg University and University Aalto opened a new ordered carbon network with a thickness of one atom, consisting of squares, hexagons and octagons. They also found that its electronic properties differ very much from the properties of graphene.

The new form was called a biphenylene grid. Modeling showed that even narrow strips, the width of only 21 atom, already behave like a metal. According to scientists, the material can be used as a conductor or anode in batteries.

For the manufacture of biphenylene, the team collected chains from carbon-containing molecules with their subsequent combination and the transformation of the hexagonal structure into squares and octagons. Currently, scientists are developing the production technology of large sheets of new material, and plans to open other types of carbon networks.

Earlier, we also reported the opening of another

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