Norway will build the world’s first shipping tunnel under the mountains


Norway approved the construction plan for large ships with a length of 1.7 km long, which will pass through the mountain range in the north-west of the country.

The coastline outside the vicinity of Stadhavet area is the most storm zone in Norway and the vessels sometimes have to stand for several days in the nearest harbor, expecting improving weather conditions. Therefore, the coastal administration will build a shipping tunnel, running through the narrowest section of the Stadins peninsula.

The project budget is about $ 330 million. It provides for the construction of a tunnel of 1.7 km long and 36 m wide. Works should begin in 2022 and will occupy 3-4 years.

The tunnel will be laid using underground drilling rigs. For its construction, you will need to extract about 3 million m3 rocks and dismantle some buildings.

The project should not only simplify transit and make it more secure, and will also improve commercial activities in the region. In the future, it can lead to the creation of a high-speed ferry message.

Previously, we also reported construction in the North Sea of the world in the world.

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