New type of modified wood generates electricity from pressure


Scientists have found a way to turn wood into a mini generator that produces electricity from deformation.

Materials possessing such properties are called piezoelectric. Wood in itself can generate eclectic stress in compression, but it is very weak. Researchers from the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich and the Interdisciplinary Swiss Research Institute of Applied Material Sciences and Technologies developed a modification method significantly increasing its potential.

To do this, the team chemically removed hard lignin, turning wood into white luxury material. It consists of a plurality of thin layers of cellulose and sufficiently suppliance, therefore it is capable of generating a higher voltage than the original natural material.

According to scientists, the similar effect can be achieved using the Ganoderma ApplanaTum fungus instead of chemicals, which naturally decomposes lignin and hemicellulose.

In the future, biosensors and environmentally friendly construction materials that transcribe pressure energy can be created from such a modified wood.

Previously, we also reported on the development of transparent wood, which blocks heat and ultraviolet

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