New solar battery can be folded in half without damage


The researchers created such a flexible solar battery that it continues to function normally even after 10 thousand folding in half.

Tight photoelectric panels are well suited for roofs and solar farms, but in other places their use is strongly limited. Modern electronic technologies are moving towards increasing flexibility, so engineers from the Busan National University created a prototype of photo cells, which can be folded in almost as paper.

Typically, folding electronic devices with a bend radius of 0.5 mm are subject to strong deformations due to insufficiently elastic substrates and conductors from metal oxides. To solve this problem, the researchers attached a conductive film from single-layer carbon nanotubes on a polyimide substrate and downed with its molybdenum oxide to improve conductivity.

As a result, the team created a prototype of the solar battery with the effectiveness of converting 15.2%, transparency of 80% and a thickness of only 7 microns. During the test, the device was folded to a radius of 0.5 mm and after more than 10 thousand bends cycles, it continued to function normally.

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