New «smart» bandage reveals and destroys infection in the wound


Researchers have developed a «smart» bandage that can identify infection in the wound and prevent infection.

Conventional bandages are well suited to close the injured areas of the skin, but for controlling the healing process and the application of drugs, they are required to remove regularly. Therefore, the team from Rhode Island University decided to develop a more perfect bandage option.

Using advanced technologies, scientists have created a tissue, in the individual fibers of which nanotubes are placed. They are sensitive to hydrogen peroxide, which fibroblasts and macrophages are distinguished when infection in the wound.

Carbon nanotubes signal wireless signals are read by a wore device. The following data is transmitted, for example, on a smartphone that will automatically be able to inform the patient or medical staff.

The existing prototype serves only to diagnose the availability of infection, but in the future the team also plans to place living cultured cells inside individual fibers, which will help the body to deal with pathogenic bacteria.

After completing the tests in Petri dishes, the team moves to tests on laboratory animals.

Previously, we also reported on the invention.

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