New magnetic nanoparticles increase the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy


Researchers have developed a magnetic nanocomplex, which, when interacting with the shell of immune cells, enhances their ability to destroy malignant tumors.

Most modern

Many scientists are also exploring the possibility of using NK cells (natural killer cells). They are part of a congenital immune system and react very quickly to infected or tumor cells, destroying them. Despite the high efficiency of NK cells, they are practically useless against large tumors with a thick layer of barrier fabric, through which they are difficult to penetrate.

Now scientists from the North-West University developed a magnetic nanocomplex, which binds to natural killers cells and under the action of an alternating magnetic field, contributes to the secretion of cytotoxic compounds on their outer shell. Testing these nanoparticles on the samples of the hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) of animals, the researchers found that magnetic activation increases the ability of NK cells to kill malignant tumors even when introduced into sufficiently large formations.

In addition, the developed nanocomplex is easily visualized on magnetic resonance imaging, which allows you to accurately track the distribution of immune cells during and after injection. The team hopes that this will increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

Last year scientists

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