New laser recording technology will store 700 TB data on optical disks


Scientists have developed a subdiffraction laser record technology that allows you to create nanoscale bits on optical data carriers.

The amount of information created by humanity regularly increases and every year its storage is becoming increasingly sharp. According to researchers estimates, after 4 years, the total number of generated data will reach 175 Zettabaytes (175 ∙ 1021 bytes). Such growth rates cause the discovery of all new data centers that consume a huge amount of energy required for powering hard drives with a maximum volume of 2 TB and service life of 3-5 years.

At the same time, the technology of optical drives, such as DVDs, is already well developed, but its main disadvantage is a small storage. This problem was able to solve a group of scientists from Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Melbourne Royal University of Technology and National University of Singapore.

Using a new nanocomposite material from graphene oxide and nanoparticles with an increase in the conversion, they have achieved a significant increase in the density of the data due to the developed system of low-power optical recording. The laser platform created by them allows you to be placed on a standard size (diameter 12 cm) to 700 TB of information, which is comparable to the volume of 0.5 million DVDs.

Although technology still needs to be revisted, but the results of the study discover new perspectives to solve the global storage problem.

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