NASA financed new fantastic cosmos development projects


NASA has allocated an additional $ 5 million on the development of a number of innovative technological concepts on the development of space.

In total, within the framework of the NIAC program, the National Aeronautics Office and the US Space Space Research approved a number of projects that, at first glance, may seem fantastic. Earlier we talked about

In addition to them, NASA also supported the study of the idea of using mushrooms to create structures in other people’s worlds. Scientists from the Eix Research Center will test various types of eukaryotic organisms, the conditions of their growth, pore sizes and other properties with growth in the conditions of the Moon and Mars. The team will consider how perspectives

The company will receive both Global Aerospace, working on the technology of landing spacecraft for Pluto and other celestial bodies with a discharged atmosphere. The concept proposed by engineers provides for the use of a large light retarder, which will inflate as the surface approaches.

All projects under the NIAC program are at the stages of early development, so it may take 10 or more to implement a part of them.

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