Most of the owners of cryptocurrencies keep it as long-term investment


According to the BINANCE Research study, most of the users cryptocurrencies adhere to long-term storage strategies.

More than 61 thousand users from 178 countries took part in the survey of the trading platform. The data obtained showed that 55% of the cryptocurrency owners store them as long-term investments. 38% chose them due to distrust of the current financial system, 31% are used for short-term trading operations, and 27% due to the missed benefit syndrome.

At the same time, 28% of respondents use most of their cryptocurrency to buy other digital assets, and 22% are held to obtain income through steaking or lending. Only 11% of the owners use cryptocurrency mainly for payments.

The survey also showed that Bitcoin remains the most popular digital asset, they own 65% of the research participants. In most cases, the VTS share accounts for 1-20% of the portfolio. Only 3% of respondents were registered about his decision to buy cryptocurrencies.

Previously, we also reported that over the past year the number of financial consultants working with cryptocurrent,

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