Most investors do not sell bitcoins, waiting for a further increase in the course


According to the Glassnode cryptocurrency aggregator, only 36% of bitcoins produced over the past six months, which indicates expectation by investors of higher prices for sale.

The company notes that during the Cryptobum of 2017 in circulation there was approximately half of the coins existing then. Now the metrics show that 64% of BTC did not leave their addresses for more than 6 months. Such a speaker points out that most Bitcoin owners hold their digital assets, expecting further growth.

Increasing the share of BTC held reducing the market proposal that stimulates a bullie tendency to achieve new maxima. At the same time, a significant part of the movement falls on the internal redistribution of assets by the stock exchanges themselves.

Despite the reduction in supply, analysts note the increase in the network activity of leading cryptocurrency after overcoming the boundary

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