Morgan Stanley admitted cryptocurrency in the investment class of assets


The financial conglomerate of Morgan Stanley, who owns the largest brokerage business in the world, officially recognized the cryptocurrency with a new class of investment assets.

The Bank extended a note among clients, which says that digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, have sufficient liquidity, as well as demand and demand levels to attach them to tools that can be used to diversify investment portfolios. The authors of the document talk about strengthening the regulatory framework against cryptocurrency, grow interest in the market and the availability of products.

Morgan Stanley notes that investment in digital assets are still speculative, but can benefit due to a weak correlation with traditional tools. At the same time, the Bank recommends that the purchase of cryptocurrencies, as a venture investment, due to the complexity of the prediction of the market and the uncertainty of pricing.

At the end of the notes, the authors advise investors to start with publicly traded

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