Mizuho predicts a wave of buy bitcoins for $ 40 billion in the coming days


According to the study of the Banking Holding company Mizuho Financial Group, about 10% of the future payments of the US residents will be aimed at the purchase of bitcoins.

In the coming days, the Government will hold a distribution of $ 380 billion material assistance to stimulate the economy during the crisis. However, not all Americans will spend these means in direct appointment.

Mizuho’s recent survey showed that 36% of US residents plan to invest money received from the state in cryptocurrency and stocks. At the same time, an average of 60% of payments, they want to use to buy bitcoins. Among traditional tools, Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and Square shares will be most attention.

According to the Holding Company’s estimates, in the near future, the BTC market can inflict in the amount of about $ 40 billion, which will increase its cost by 2-3%.

Many bitcoin attracts the fact that at the end of the last decade he became

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