Mining can bring Iran more than $ 1 billion annual income


According to Elliptic analysts, adjustable mining not only helps Iran at around the US economic sanctions, but also can bring an annual income of about $ 1 billion.

According to a fresh report of the company, the government actively stimulates the opening of mining farms in the country, and at present Iran has 4.5% of Iran.

At the same time, the abundance of cheap fossil fuels reduces the cost of production of electricity, which plays a decisive role for such an energy-intensive industry as mining, contributing to the involvement of foreign investment to expand the industry. Elliptic even gives an example when the Iranian military helped a foreign company in the construction of a large farm in Rafsandzhan.

The analysts report also noted that Iran encourages national mining and at the legislative level. In particular, from April, the authorities have allowed banks to buy imported goods for cryptocurrency, and in May, they banned the use of bitcoins mined by abroad.

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