MicroStrategy will continue to invest in Bitcoin


MicroStrategy General Director Michael Sailor said that the company will continue to follow its crypto investment strategy, and in the future plans to invest additional funds into digital assets.

According to the last quarterly report, currently provider of business analysts and software developer for mobile devices owns 105,085 bitcoins a book value of $ 2.051 billion (the market value at the rate at the time of publication is $ 4.187 billion). The company has accumulated such an impressive reserve.

However, this is only a negative result of accounting at the end of the second quarter, and in fact Microstrategy earned about $ 1 billion on investments in cryptocurrency. This is due to the fact that the US regulations require the cost of intangible assets on the balance sheet only when their price is dropped, and the increase is taken into account only. At the time of sale or write off.

The company spent $ 2.741 billion to acquire all bitcoins, and on the date of the formation of a report on financial results (June 30) their market value was $ 3.653 billion.

Nevertheless, despite the actual profit and commitment to Michael Sailor to digital assets, he recently said that a long-term strategy could be revised if after 4 years the BTC course will be below the current one. Last month, MicroStrategy also reported that he could invest some of the funds from the sale of shares on

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