Microsoft used blockchain to purchase a loan for greenhouse gas emissions


Using Regen Network based on the COSMOS Blockchalter, Microsoft has acquired the rights to release 43,338 tons of greenhouse gases in Australia.

In an effort to reduce the negative impact on the environment, the largest manufacturer of purchased carbon credit, originally issued by two ranchs in the new South Wales.

The REGEN NETWORK solution was used in the execution of the transfer of rights, and in the future it will help to monitor the process of capturing and storing atmospheric pollutants using remote sensing technology.

This purchase is part of the plan announced in 2020, according to which Microsoft seeks to reduce its negative impact on the environment to zero during the next 10 years. The company also intends to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, equal to which it is responsible since the beginning of its activities in 1975.

Last year’s research of the audit company Deloitte has shown that

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