Microsoft is preparing «one of the largest Windows updates over the past 10 years


The General Director of Microsoft Satya Velft reported that the company completes the development of a new version of the Windows operating system and is preparing an important update for the monetization of applications.

During the report, he stated that the details of the next generation of Windows will be disclosed in the near future. After adding that the last few months he personally tested a new version and remained satisfied with the changes.

Sathya, Veldel also said that users are waiting for a major update, which will open up a mass of new opportunities to create, distribute and monetize software products.

Shortly before his performance, rumors began to walk on the upcoming changes in Microsoft Store, which will make it more convenient for developers and allow companies to use their own payment solutions to collect payment users.

In addition, Last week, Microsoft reported on Windows 10 of all elements for devices with two screens from Windows 10x and closing this project.

Recall that in March the company demonstrated innovative

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