Microsoft introduced a platform for collaboration in mixed reality


Microsoft has demonstrated the MESH platform, which allows the group of people to see the holographic projection of each other and remotely interact with virtual objects through various devices of mixed reality.

The project on the basis of the cloud service Azure creates a sense of the presence of all conference participants in the same room. This is achieved through the technology of holographic teleportation of avatars of users and instruments of group interaction with projected three-dimensional objects, as in the physical world. In the future, avatars will be replaced by realistic hoping of people.

The Microsoft Mesh system tracks the movements of the eyes and hands for the correct display of information and manipulation by virtual objects. It is also equipped with several models of artificial intelligence to improve image quality.

In the near future, the company will offer developers a set of tools for creating original avatars, spatial rendering, session management and synchronization of actions of several users. The demo version of the MESH application can already be used on the Hololens headset and the Altspacevr social platform.

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