Microsoft began cooling its boiling liquid servers


Microsoft has developed a new immersion cooling system that provides for direct immersion of server equipment into a boiling liquid.

Liquid cooling is the most efficient method of overwhelming over heat from computing devices, which can be outlined. To solve this problem with minimal expenses, companies are placed their data centers under water and in the regions with a very cold climate. Now Microsoft has demonstrated technology that not only helps reduce the power consumption of equipment by 5-15%, but also to increase the density of server placement.

The new solution of the company is a system of two-phase fluid immersion cooling. It provides for the placement of server equipment in a steel tank filled with a special fluid, which absorbs the heat released and boils at 50 ° C. As heated, a pair is formed, which rises to the cooled condenser on the lid and flows down, the closure cycle.

Since the indicators of the phase transition and the specific heat capacity of the substance is significantly lower than that of the water, the process of heat exchange also occurs much faster. Although the company does not disclose the names of the liquid used, but it says that there is no oxygen in its composition, so the equipment is not oxidized.

The company’s engineers emphasize that the new system has a high cooling efficiency and allows without risk to overclock servers during peak load periods. In the future, the developer team plans to improve the technology so that it can be used for autonomous 5G tapes.

At the end of last year, Microsoft also presented

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