MasterCard will add support for cryptocurrency in its network until the end of the year


The international payment system MasterCard stated that this year will add to its network the possibility of cryptocurrency transactions.

According to the announcement, despite the ongoing disputes regarding digital assets, they are becoming an increasingly significant element of the world of payments. Therefore, by the end of the year, the company intends to add functionality, which will allow users to make direct operations with cryptocurrency.

Currently, cardholders can pay for digital assets, but sellers receive these payments in the form of the equivalent FIAT sum after conversion at the current course.

MasterCard also reported that he plans to support only part of existing cryptoacivals, since many still do not meet regulatory requirements. Although the company does not call permissible options, but says that among them there are stelkopins.

The new functionality will allow business not only to take cryptocurrency payments, but will also stimulate the promotion of this method of calculations. However, in some cases, to popularize this form of payment requires integration of solutions to scale the second level. Since now because of

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