Martian helicopter NASA successfully completed its first mission


Today, the Ingenuity helicopter made his first test flight in the atmosphere of Mars.

The aircraft rose vertically up 3 meters, hung for 30 seconds in the air and successfully landed. The first mission lasted only about 40 seconds, but opened the way to further research on Mars with a helicopter.

The testing of the test was fixed by the Perseverance rover from the side, as well as its own camera and Ingenuity sensors. Today, during the day, the probe will receive more data that will help the project team to analyze flight.

Conditions on the next planet are very different from earthly, therefore

The second flight provides for a rise of 5 m, followed by a horizontal displacement of several meters and returning to the place of take-off for 90 seconds. With his successful completion, Ingenuity will have to fly 50 meters from the improvised airfield for the same time.

Tasks 4 and 5 tests will be based on data on maneuverability and navigation efficiency of previous ones. They may include flight in windy weather, and with many changes in height and course and speed.

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