Maldives will build a floating city of 200 hectares


The Maldives government announced the launch of a project for the construction of floating islands.

One of the main problems of the island state is the lack of sushi for development. To solve the issue of the country’s power, in 2010 approved a plan to expand the territory by building artificial floating islands. However, for many years, its implementation remained uncertain. The situation corrected the agreement with Dutch Docklands.

After agreeing all the conditions, on March 14, the Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasad stated the official launch of a new project of building a floating city near the capital of the Maldives.

The Dutch Docklands plan provides for a phased creation of a floating city in the lagoon next to Male Square of 200 hectares. Construction will begin in 2022 and will last 10 years. After completing all the works, the city will be a residential area, hotels, shops and restaurants.

Recall that the Danish Energy Agency has also announced the construction plan of the world in the world

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