Mainers Etherium organize a pool with 51% Hesreite, protesting against a decline in commission


Etherium-miners plan to hold a 51-hour protest action in April against the upcoming EIP-1559, sending more than half of the housing network to one pool.

Recently, the Ethereum team reported that the July system-wide update will change the principles of the transaction commission. To combat overestimated levels of fees, the developers decided to abandon market regulation of the rate size and establish a single fixed value, as well as add the combustion mechanism.

According to estimates, as a result of such changes, the miners of the ether can lose up to 50% of profits. Since in January, almost 40% of income accounted for commissions.

To demonstrate the disagreement of the majority with the proposed update, miners want to spend a protest action. On April 1, they plan to direct more than 51% of the computing power of the ETH network into one pool and hold it for 51 hours. Participants will not hold an attack on the cryptoproject.

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