Jpmorgan will offer customers investment baskets from the acts of leading cryptocompany


JPMorgan Chase Financial Holding will launch a new investment tool based on shares of public companies related to Crypto Industria.

According to documents aimed at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, by April of the current year, the Bank will offer the «Basket» customers from 11 leading companies directly or indirectly working with digital assets.

The lion’s share of the new product will be percentage of 5 firms: MicroStrategy (20%), Square (18%), Riot Blockchain (15%), NVIDIA (15%) and PayPal (15%). The remaining 17% will include Shares ICE, CME Group, Overstock, Silvergate, AMD and Taiwan Semiconductor Company.

Jpmorgan in the description notes that the basket will not be associated with any cryptocurrency and trends of the digital assets market. The initial emission of bonds is scheduled for March 31. Repayment on debt securities will be produced on May 5, 2022.

The launch of the new product indicates an increase in investor interest with Wall Street in this area. According to recent

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