Japan plans to launch passenger missile transport by 2040


The Japanese government published a plan for the development of intercontinental passenger spacecraft for fast travels between major cities of the world.

According to forecasts, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technologies of the country, the rocket transport network will begin to function by 2040. Over the next two decades, up to $ 46 billion will be allocated to the development of this direction.

According to the preliminary plan, the goal will be achieved in two stages. On the first — the Japanese Aerospace Research Agency (JAXA) must go to the rocket, whose body parts can be reused, improve them and reduce the cost of production to 10% of the price of current H3 class media.

The second stage provides that cheap repeat use missiles will be interested in the private sector, which will support the development of passenger vehicles, often moving between the Earth and Space.

At the same time, an option is possible not only shuttles, whipping and landing vertically as rockets, but also horizontally, like aircraft.

According to the ministry estimates, in the future such high-speed transport will be in demand and will be able to profit. This idea is not new, as Spacex back in 2018 declared plans to create

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