January has become one of the best months in the history of mining


Because of the significant increase in the cryptocurrency courses, in January 2021, miners earnings reached record high levels.

Over the past month, Etherid miners totally produced ETH at $ 8,29.6 million, which is the maximum indicator in history. At the same time, $ 325.5 million or almost 40% of income accounted for network transactions. Compared to December 2020, the income increased by 123%.

Ether price jumps above $ 1400 and increasing the commission with a minor increase in hashraite led to the fact that the production profitability per unit of computing power reached the level of January 2018, when the previous record of $ 762 million was recorded.

Last month also became one of the best bitcoin for miners. For 31 days, they total earned $ 1.12 billion, of which $ 116 million or a little more than 10% amounted to transactional fees. The increase was 61.8%.

Despite the huge amount, this revenue rate was only the second largest, inferior to a record $ 1.25 billion collected in December 2017. The average profitability of BTC mining per 1 TX / C was $ 0.25, which is the highest level since mid-2019 .

The increase in the profitability of production also contributed to the deficit of the supply of new offs and video cards. This slowed down the increase in the complexity of production against the backdrop of rapid increase in cryptocurrenional courses.

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