Israel experienced the first air laser weapon, fizzing targets in a few seconds


The Israeli Ministry of Defense, together with Elbit Systems, has developed laser air-based laser weapons, which can quickly destroy the swarms of the UAV and the approaching rockets.

During the first tests of the combat system installed on a light aircraft, it successfully shot down a lot of drones at a distance of about 1 km. According to the military, in the future, the development will be integrated into a multi-level air defense system of the country, providing for the containment of missiles of small-range and ballistic missiles.

However, due to low power, the current sample is capable only to «blind» rockets.

The final version of Israel’s air laser weapon, the prototype of which is planned to be released by 2025, will be able to hit any flying goals within a radius of 20 km power ray with a capacity of 100 kW, literally firing them in a few seconds.

In addition, Elbit Systems also works on the ground laser system with the same features.

Recall that earlier this year, the US Air Force command reported

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