Investors move capital from Bitcoin-Funds to products based on altkoins


CoinShares data show that institutional investors continue to withdraw capital from Bitcoin-Funds fifth week in a row, despite the renewal of market growth.

In the latest report, the company says that over the past week, an outflow of $ 33 million was recorded. At the same time, the assets manager notes a decrease in the rates of capital withdrawal compared with the two past months, when the weekly indicator reached $ 141 million.

It is noteworthy that investors of the world’s largest cryptophobe GRAYSCALE continue to hold their positions. Although it does not observe the inflow of funds with a weekly growth of Bitcoin by 17.5%.

Coinshares also marks the increase in the interest of institutional investors to products formed on altkins. According to the company, last week the funds based on Etheruum added $ 2.8 million. Currently, they account for 26% of the total investment cryptoproducts, designed for large investors.

The noticeable influx of capital also felt funds based on XRP, bitcoin cache, cardano and combining several cryptocurrency. In each of the directions for the week, the inflow of from $ 0.8 million to $ 1.1 million was recorded.

For 2021, 37 new cryptophords have already been launched, which is more than the indicator of any other year. The former record was recorded in 2018, when 30 funds appeared. Taking into account the latest changes, currently the total cost of cryptoacivisses under active management exceeds $ 50 billion. At the same time, GRAYScale accounts for $ 40.4 billion.

A recent study of the Dutch trust company INTERTRUST GROUP also showed that

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