Investors are in no hurry to restore long positions in cryptocurrency, fearing new «surprises»


The last week of May brought a weak consolation of those cryptocurrency traders, whose actions at the beginning of this year contributed to the achievement of price records in April. According to GlassNode, cumulative sales at a loss of BTC accounted for $ 14.2 billion, including $ 4.53 billion per day of Panic May 19, but purchases price for another 24% coins are above current values.

After the price of Bitcoin’s price is 25% of the week earlier (C $ 46,000 to $ 35,000, at the moment to $ 30,000), quotes were able to play only half half, and by the end of the week 50% of this rebound was lost after the unsuccessful test of the 200-day moving average and psychological test. Level $ 40,000.

Network data suggest a reduction in the number of coins sent to stock exchange balances, to multi-month minima, which eliminates the former canopy of supply. At the same time, institutional

At the outgoing week, the Chinese authorities began to repaint «Rules of Game» in relationships with miners (as long as they affected only those who work in the inner Mongolia) and cryptocurrency firms (HUOBI, BYBIT, OKEX to one degree or another limited interaction with CNR citizens).

In the United States stated the need for a cryptoche report about customer operations in the amount of more than $ 10,000 from 2023.

The criticism of Bitcoin continued as unsuitable to preserve the capital of the tool, the extraction of which causes harm to the environment.

Most waiting for the removal of current uncertainty.

Last week, the billionaires Ray Dalio and Karl Aykan voiced compliments to Bitcoin. The latter is ready to invest $ 1-1.5 billion when there will be favorable opportunities for the purchase.

The capitalization of stelkopins has updated records — from the moment of sales in May, it increased by $ 24 billion. The SSR indicator that characterizes the ratio of suggestion of stable coins to the BTC proposal has dropped to a record minimum, which indicates the presence of «fuel» for growth in the future. The trigger can be the adoption of the US budget for the next year, which involves the cost of $ 6 trillion, while the tax rates imposed by Biden meets resistance. But this is a matter of not the coming days.

Does not give reason yet and the financial market, where the «mantras» of the Fed is still working on the time nature of inflation, and the data that indicate the opposite is ignored. WORK OF INVESTORS CAN ONLY REGISTER ON THE LABOR OF LABOR FOR JUNE, who will reflect the abolition of generous federal unemployment benefits in half of the states.

The technical picture in Bitcoin is not yet in favor of buyers. Next week the course of the first cryptocurrency can

So far, there is more chances to see $ 30,000 in the first decade of June, and not $ 42,000. Attempts to go below can make the same Aikan take advantage of the situation.

Altkoins after more confident compared to BTC rebound can be equally more dynamically. Etheric quotes can return to $ 2,200 — $ 2400.

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