Investments in the startup: when brains are more than money …



Watching during the service for the oscillation of air masses above the burning candle, a brilliant idea was ripe in his head — to project an image on the air flow.

Soon, studying similar natural phenomena (which is essentially a growing mirages in the desert), he formed the concept and principle of the projection device.

However, believing in their own strength and idea, it is registered at the Seliger technological forum, convincing the organizers in the fact that there is a really created and acting prototype. That’s just no prototype, there were only theoretical developments.

Two weeks before the forum, the organizers decided to show its «development» of the main guest to the President of Russia.

This beginning inspires anyone, and he began to collect the prototype. The first working prototype of the device was created by the joint efforts of his father and brother.

The prototype was an ordinary household air humidifier and a video projector. The image was small, but the president, seeing it, responded approvingly.

The author of the device was shown by TV channels, invited to an interview, investors evaluated its development.

The atmosphere of the forum inspired the author and, returning from the forum, he established the company: LLC «Displanar Company».

At first, the company went poorly, the hype of the hype, and the queue did not appear from investors.

Those investors who were interested in (according to the law of the genre I described in

The company’s development stalled — without investment, further activity was threatened. Then the team takes the only right decision — to participate in exhibitions and forums to attract public and private grants for development.

Winning a few contests, the company gained authority in narrow circles, and this was much more important than the money that was paid to the winners. Payments were minimal, how much

That wrapper in which the whole idea was cooked, I liked Western Media, and about startup with air displays in

And it worked. Interest in such a Western publication has a positive effect on the investment attractiveness of the startup. Already in

Alexey Kyuykin — Director of the Department of Corporate Finance IR Renaissance Capital. Famous investment manager.

Adrian Henny is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the East-West Digital News site — the first international information portal in English dedicated to Russian information technologies. After a ten-year experience in the field of Internet and telecommunication technologies in France, Adrian Henny worked as a senior investment manager at the company «Direct Group». Adrian is the head of the representative office of the Franco-American Engineering and Advisory Agency «Fabernovel» in Russia.

Alexander Baderko — Founder and Partner of the Portal «East-West Digital News». Until 2009 was the director for the development of the social network «». Founder of several successful Web projects («», «»).

Pierre Vibert — worked as a financial manager in «Vinci Construction Grands Projets» and in Belgo Gen Belgo Serv. Became our financial advisor.

Anton Karasevich — Member of the Board of Directors of the WTO «Erconpo Product», one of the founders of the company

Esther Dyson, President of the Venture Foundation «Edventure Holdings», Initial Investor «Flickr», «» and other high-tech companies; Member of the Board of Directors of Yandex. It is part of the Working Group on the development of a project to create a geographically separate complex for the development of research and development and commercialization of their results (Innograd).

Top management «LetAgroup» ( — one of the leaders of the information security market in Russia, the leading operator of the typed IT services. The group of companies is included in the 40th largest IT companies in Russia. (Alexander Chachava — President of the LETA Group of Companies, holds the position of General Director of ESET Software; Sergey Piltsov — Chairman of the Board of Directors «Leta Group»; Sergey Toporov — Investment Direction Manager «Leta Group»).

Peter Zhukov — founder and general director of the company «Indigo Capital», a well-known Russian and foreign investment manager.


Bass of Godad — led and manages the development and marketing of companies «», «» and «».

Natalia Tsarevskaya-Dyakina — General Director of Bit — Konkurs.

The start of the sales of the air display company planned to start at the end

Investors did not embarrass the cost of the display —

However, even the startup already attracted investment was not enough, and he still needed in

And this is with already embedded in the startup

However, the famous and famous personalities who spent as investors did a huge advertising startup and cumulatively managed to attract

Attract similar means less than

To be continued…


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