Investing in a Startup: How to develop your project?


What should those inventors and founders of startups do, whose projects are not of interest to investors, banks do not give accreditation to the project, and it is impossible to implement the project with their own funds?

There is the only and controversial way to implement your project — it is to enter the media space and openly cover your project on the Internet.

It is important to understand the prospects of your project: if it has a chance to become global or is initially aimed at the world market, then after filing a patent application, a startup has 2 years in order to similarly register patents abroad.

The argument of attracting investments for registration of patents abroad is a fairly common practice.

First step

The necessary functionality of your site must necessarily include the registration of the personal account of a potential investor.

However, investments should not be attracted at this stage. It is important to describe your project as fully as possible, analyze the sales market, build diagrams of the future successful financial activities of the company. It is also important that an independent analysis can be carried out based on this open data to support your case.

The main task of the site is to interest potential investors in your project.

Next step

You need to present your project, argue in its favor and challenge the arguments of critics, even if that critic is your potential investor.

It is important to do this live, thereby showing your competence in this matter.

It is imperative that such online conferences be published on the website. Moreover, all steps towards achieving your goal should be published on the site «

In taking these two steps, you should be working out the future share issue of your startup. Preparing a share issue is a rather large-scale and costly process. The total cost of issuing acacias can be up to

As soon as you are ready to issue shares, you should make a pre-order registration of shares within a month, thereby you will trace the initial interest in your company and project. This will make it possible to more competently justify the price of one share and their total number.

However, the issue of shares should always be preceded by the creation of interest in your company or project. That is, the project should seem at least viable and promising, thereby encouraging the confidence of future investors in your project.

The shares produced should not be preferred, as potential investors are individuals who will buy at

After the issue of shares, you must form a global goal for your project, as well as describe in detail your goals in raising funds.

Next stage

Large investors, seeing your active media activity and good rates of attracting investments by individuals, will be interested in keeping your company in the field of their investment activities.

It is fair to say that this approach will only work with projects that are familiar and understandable to most people. However, what if your project is revolutionary and replaces existing technologies that bring money to people, or is it a project whose potential is completely unclear? This is a rather serious problem that has killed dozens of talented inventors and destroyed hundreds of promising startups.

This also applies to my project, which is currently being implemented.

It is useless to push and implement such projects; it will be a waste of time, nerves and money. But at the same time, I began to work out an alternative option, when I received a «turn from the gate» from one «well-known and publicized fund.»

The alternative is as follows:

It is required to introduce the developed technology into the production of a well-known and mass product. And it is precisely for the release of a well-known product to write a business plan and attract investors, proving to them that the new technology will reduce costs, increase profits, that is, will give any competitive advantages in the market.

And already upon release, work out a new technology in real market conditions, and if it gives at least

It is important to deal with the release of «well-known and recognizable product» yourself.

This path is much more complicated, but the chance of successful implementation of your project will be an order of magnitude higher than if you implement it directly, offering a controversial technology or product unknown to a large circle of people.

In the next and final article, we will consider mistakes in technology patenting that can become fatal for you, and also touch on the analysis of a business plan that needs to be written, at least to structure your project.


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