Invented plastic cable, which can transmit data at a rate of 105 GB / s


Researchers have created a plastic polymer cable that can transmit information 10 times faster than USB.

Currently, most of the data is still transmitted through copper cables consuming a lot of energy. An alternative option is optical fiber, which works more efficiently, but poorly combined with silicon chips in modern computing devices. Potentially this problem can be solved, but it will require huge expenses.

Now scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology demonstrated the possibilities of a plastic polymer cable that combines the best of copper and fiber solutions. It is much thinner and lighter than metal wires, but provides high data transfer rate.

For testing, the team directly connected several silicon chipsets thin like hair (0.4 mm) with a polymer tape with a length of 30 cm. Through such a three-channel cable, the information was transmitted as high-frequency electromagnetic signals of the subtereheric band. During tests, the researchers have achieved 105 GB data transfer rates with much greater efficiency than in copper lines.

In the future, the team plans to overcome the barrier in 1 TB / s using a cable longer long. According to the developers, this method of data transmission does not have the theoretical speed limit, therefore it can be a new standard for future information channels. However, this will require you to change chips and connectors.

Recall that last year the researchers presented an optical microcircuit that increases the speed of the Internet to

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