Invented new type sockets, help save up to 60% of electricity


Engineers have developed a simple system of smart electrical outlets (SEOS), which optimizes current consumption and prevents energy consumption.

When connected to conventional sockets, the devices consume electricity even in standby mode. Although today there are technologies for remote control of various devices, but they all require specialized internet tools of things. Now a team of researchers from the National University of Singapore created a simpler system, binding all the necessary elements to the socket itself.

SEOS is a network of «smart» sockets and NFC stickers (near contactless communication), which are attached to the fork on the power cord of each device. All outputs in the building are connected via Wi-Fi to the central server. When one of the forks is inserted into the socket, the NFC reader identifies the device by a unique code on the sticker. After the server determines the electrical characteristics of this device in the database, users can turn it on and off over the Internet, simply including or turning off the outlet.

The system also allows you to check whether the device was not accidentally left by tracking its real-time power consumption. In addition, you can set a schedule for individual outlets so that they automatically turn on and off their device at a certain time of the day. In addition, if the system detects that the device consumes more current than indicated, it automatically turns off the outlet to prevent its overheating.

The developers were calculated that the cost of installing SEOS for each exit will cost in the $ 80 area, while reducing the general power consumption of the building from the outlets by 30-60%. The system also allows you to use cheaper devices, without internet items of things.

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