Invented manual gamma chamber for detecting cancer under the skin


Scientists have developed a portable device for visualizing malignant neoplasms in the patient’s body using gamma rays and stereoscopic shots.

Currently, complex systems that can occupy a whole room are used for gamma visualization. Such a diagnostic method involves introducing a small amount of radioactive particles into the human body, which is absorbed by cancer cells and serve as indicators to determine the size and shape of tumors.

Now a team of researchers from the Loughboro University presented a hybrid chamber size with a hairdryer, which allows you to obtain three-dimensional images of malignant neoplasms under the skin. Combining gamma and stereoscopic optical visualization technologies, the new system uses triangulation to form from a set of two-dimensional snapshots of the volumetric tumor model.

Device lens.

With the help of such a gamma chamber, you can also determine the exact distance to the neoplasm under the skin, and inside what type of fabric it is located.

According to scientists, a portable device not only simplifies the diagnostic process, but also allows research outside the medical institution.

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