Invented magnetic helmet to reduce cancer tumors in the brain


Researchers have developed a helmet that generates a magnetic field that reduces the size of cancer tumors.

The device is a hard hat on which three rotating electromagnets operating from the battery and connected to the controller processor are fixed. The system is actually the first non-invasive method of treating glioblastoma, mortal cancer.

During the tests, the team from the Houston Methodist neurological Institute has tried the therapeutic effect of the helmet on a 53-year-old man. The patient wore a device for five weeks in the clinic, and then some time at home. Initially, treatment was used every day for two hours, gradually increasing the duration of exposure to six.

In a short time, the patient’s tumor size decreased by 31%. Researchers note that the dynamics of the abbreviation of the mass depended on the dose of impact. The results were confirmed after the patient’s opening, which ultimately died from injury not related to glioblastoma or experimental therapy.

According to Houston neurosurgeons, one day a similar system will be able to replace radiation and chemotherapy.

Recall that recent scientists also created

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