Invented «Food Generator» for Plastic Processing in Edible Protein


The duet of researchers has developed the technology of transformation of plastic garbage into protein powder by pyrolysis and artificial microorganisms.

Since the problem of plastic waste has become global, many scientists are looking for effective ways to solve it. The technologies proposed earlier allowed recycled plastics into useful chemicals,

Now Bioingenger from Illinois University of Urban-Champane and a biologist from Michigan University of Technology introduced a joint project «Food Generator», which won the Future Insight Prize prize this year in the amount of 1 million euros.

In fact, they developed a system that allows to turn plastic and inedible vegetable biomass into suitable protein. It includes garbage compartment through which waste is entered into technological reactors, where they are decomposed under the action of heat. The resulting product is then placed in the reservoir with a population of artificially created bacteria that feed on plastic and biomass.

Next, single-cell microorganisms are removed and dried, turning into a powder, which contains all the necessary nutrients and harmless to the body.

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