Invented electromagnetic rifle against drones


The French company Cerbair introduced a set for tracking and disconnecting the CAPA, which includes a powerful electromagnetic rifle.

Due to the availability of drones, many terrorists actively use them in their operations. Despite the small size, unmanned aerial vehicles present a serious danger to the military and civilian population.

Currently, devices that generate radio interrupts of the operator signal interrupting the False GPS signals to disorient them, as well as lasers, rifles, shooting them, and even birds attacking them in flight and even birds attacking them in flight are used to combat the CAPP.

Cerbair suggested another way to counter drones. The company has developed an anti-generator from a backpack with a generator, a vest with a built-in Module of the BPL detection, a tablet of guidance management and an electromagnetic rifle. The set allows you to neutralize the drones outside the line of sight.

The system determines the location of the drone by analyzing the radio frequency spectrum in all directions. After identifying it, with the help of a directional antenna, the algorithms also track the azimuthal location of the remote pilot.

Recall that earlier in China was developed first portable

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