Institutional investors have invested more than $ 57 billion in cryptocurrency


According to Coinshares, institutional investors continue to actively invest in cryptoaculation and their derivatives, increasing their share to $ 57 billion last week.

According to the new report of the company, only from March 13 to 19, the inflow of funds in digital assets from large players amounted to $ 99 million in Bitcoin derivatives invested $ 85.3 million, on the basis of ether — $ 99 million, multicurrency attracted $ 4.2 million. However These indicators are approximately twice below the level of early 2021.

Coinshares also notes a decrease in the volume of trade in investment products by 36% compared with the average indicator of the current year. It is mainly due to the decline in the interest of American investors.

GRAYSCALE, the world’s largest manner of cryptoactivities, as of March 22 managed a capital of $ 44.2 billion.

Many investors attract high levels of digital assets. For example, according to Compound Capital Advisors, for Bitcoin, this indicator is

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