In the coming days, the Bitcoin course can go to $ 37 thousand, the ICB Fund analyst believes


The cryptocurrency market is waiting for the Fed Evaluation on Inflation and Possible Hints on

Current consolidation Bitcoin in the area of $ 39,000 — 41,000 near the maximum on May 21, with a high probability, it will be completed, while the direction of output is capable of setting mood until the end of the month. Above the likelihood of a negative scenario, which will be possible in the presence of semi-shafts, due to the advanced Fed inflation forecasts, it can proceed to normalize policies a little earlier than the appearance of optimistic signals from the labor market, by definition of having a delay.

According to the options market, the chances of the fact that in July BTC on expiration will exceed $ 50,000, assessed as one to three. It is explained by the records for Wall Street and the possible fixation of the profit, even if Powell does not scare the markets — simply on the fact of the expectations. This may take the cryptocurrency market, which has recently has a closer correlation not with gold, but with risky assets.

Digital assets feel the pressure of regulators, and therefore the attitude of large players to them remains wary. Restoration of open interest in the Chicago Commodity Exchange is difficult, the Bank of New York Mellon report reflected the increase in the number of bitcoin estimates as a «bubble», even after the May correction. More inclined than the management of traditional funds, to the risk of hedge funds can still refrain from restoring long positions, especially after the rally since last Friday.

In the United States, an opponent of Cryptovalut, Maxin Waters, who holds the Chairman of the Committee on Financial Services of the Lower Chamber of the Congress, has created a working group, which can provide a cold reception, as it expressed, «lousy» investments.

As for the oncene-statistics, the fresh report Glassnode showed that the «Rally» participants from October last year strengthen the magnitude of the positions, sell those who bought in the past three months and came to the May correction. Since the proportion of coins at their disposal is relatively small, the consolidation continues.

In the coming days, Bitcoin can go to $ 37,000. The technical picture is similar in altkinam. They did not support BTC spur on the weekend, thanks to which the dominance index reached the highest month of 44%.

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