In Kenya, plastic waste is processed into bricks that are stronger than concrete


The Kenyan factory Gjenge Makers has established the production of inexpensive bricks from recycled plastics, which are 5-7 times stronger than concrete.

Part of the plastic is not recycled and after use becomes garbage. However, the company from Nairobi has developed technology that allows us to turn such waste into high-quality building material.

To do this, Gjenge Makers collects with packaging factories and buys overlaid polyethylene and polypropylene in processors. Next, these waste is mixed with sand, heated and pressed into bricks of various strength and color. The cost of such products is lower than that of ordinary bricks, but to organize their production, the head of Nzamby Mati itself designed the main equipment and machines.

On average, the company now manufactures 1500 bricks per day and plans to launch another line. Due to the polymer structure of the used plastic, the strength of finished products is 5-7 times higher than that of ordinary concrete.

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